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Bristol 10k 2014 - Done!

Not going to lie, I stayed in bed for an extra 30mins debating if I wanted to show up or not. As I said in my last post I’ve not really trained much and the weather today has been so rubbish the thought of no showing crossed my mind.

But i’m glad it got my sorry ass up and out there to run. Felt good all the way, did not stop which is a improvement from Tuesday. Although I feel good I’m a little bummed that I just coasted through instead of pushing myself. I can blame my recent dip in motivation for that.

I hate just coasting. I’m sat in limbo at the moment, not wanting to commit 100% to my goal but also don’t want to give it up.

I need a kick up the ass BIG TIME.

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  4. rundown2reborn said: Good job getting yourself there! You would have been disappointed if you just stayed in bed!
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